Congratulations to Kye Hardie for winning the IPAA Young Indigenous Leader Scholarship

Congratulations to Kye Hardie for winning the IPAA Young Indigenous Leader Scholarship

Monday, 26 April 2021

Kye Jardie standing with award at IPAA Victoria
Kye Hardie at the IPAA Victoria Awards

On Tuesday 20 April, Kye Hardie from our Shepparton office was recognised with the prestigious Young Aboriginal Leader Scholarship at the IPAA Victoria Leadership in the Public Sector Awards. As the recipient of this award, Kye will receive a 12-month professional development package tailored to his interests and career goals. 

‘It’s nice to be recognised for your individual work,’ said Kye. ‘It really reaffirms that the decisions I’m making on a daily basis are the right ones. There are days where I doubt myself, but this really demonstrates that my peers back me.’ 

The scholarship awards high performing Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander people who demonstrate significant leadership potential and dedication to the public sector. During the award ceremony, Kye was commended for his work within his community, improving the client experience as an Aboriginal Community Engagement Officer. 

Kye is our first Aboriginal Community Engagement (ACE) Officer in the Goulburn region. Unique for the position, he works across criminal, family and civil jurisdictions. His clear and creative approach across multiple jurisdictions has led to him shaping the ACE officer role across Victoria Legal Aid and providing leadership to ACE officers in new locations. He provides expert advice across the organisation, always putting the client experience at the centre of his decision making. 

‘Getting recognised really highlights the importance of my work. Hopefully it will create momentum for Victoria Legal Aid to continue to grow its ACE program. If we could get two more ACE officers because of this, that would be a huge win.’ 

Victoria Legal Aid’s Courtney McGann was also a finalist for the scholarship alongside Kye, further demonstrating the impact of these individuals within our organisation. We’re pleased that the awards have recognised the hard work and valuable contribution both Kye and Courtney have made to the legal assistance sector. 

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