Delays in assessing applications for grants of legal assistance

Delays in assessing applications for grants of legal assistance

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Due to a significant increase in the number of applications for grants of legal assistance, and a rise in the number of orders for legal assistance for family violence matters, we are currently experiencing a backlog of applications waiting to be assessed and assigned to a lawyer.

This is resulting in delays of up to eight weeks in assessing applications and extension requests, with delays expected to continue over the coming months.

Assignments are working hard to clear the backlog and to assess all applications and extension of assistance requests as soon as possible. We are currently prioritising court ordered funding and assistance for all urgent matters.

We appreciate the frustration caused by these delays. However, we ask that you please limit your enquiries about applications for legal assistance to urgent matters. This will assist us to focus our efforts on assessing your applications. 

We are currently reviewing our processes for prioritising and assessing applications for grants of legal assistance to ensure they deliver effective and efficient outcomes for all applicants and legally aided clients. A suite of recommendations will be implemented in the new financial year.   

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.

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