Evaluating our Delivering High Quality Criminal Trials project

Evaluating our Delivering High Quality Criminal Trials project

Monday, 22 July 2019

We have engaged Protiviti to evaluate the steps we introduced to ensure the legal services we provide and fund in criminal trials are of the highest possible quality.

We began the Delivering High Quality Criminal Trials project in 2013. 

It was designed to promote high quality work in criminal trials, from the commencement of proceedings through to a verdict.   

Trieu Huynh, Victoria Legal Aid Program Manager, Indictable Crime identified that ‘ensuring legally aided services are being delivered at a consistently high standard is essential for our clients, the courts, the community and the fair administration of justice.’

We fund approximately 80 per cent of all indictable crime matters in Victoria, and trials account for a significant part of the expenditure of the Legal Aid Fund.

‘It remains important to make sure we are spending our limited resources in the most efficient and effective way, and to ensure our clients have high quality representation and access to the justice system,’ said Trieu.

’This is particularly important given the increasing number and complexity of indictable crime matters in the justice system.’

The five key actions of the project were identified after extensive consultation with our practice partners, the Courts, our staff and members of the public.

As part of the project we:

  • Established our Criminal Trial Preferred Barrister List
  • Retained instructing lawyers at trial
  • Introduced a range of new quality tools including procedural checklists and a brief analysis and case strategy document 
  • Introduced a fee to encourage early brief analysis and case strategy development prior to a Committal Mention
  • Implemented a new framework for managing major criminal cases.

We could not have introduced these important changes without the co-operation of our practice partners.

It is now time to evaluate the steps we have taken, and we welcome your involvement in the evaluation process.

You will have an opportunity to provide feedback through interviews and surveys.

We will contact you to participate in these activities, but if you would like to know more in the meantime, please contact Trieu Huynh, Program Manager, Indictable Crime at trieu.huynh@vla.vic.gov.au.

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