Expand your First Nations cultural knowledge

Expand your First Nations cultural knowledge

Friday, 2 July 2021

Are you working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients, but not sure if you are working with your clients in a truly respectful and inclusive way?

Have you heard the term ‘cultural safety’, but are unclear as to how this will improve interaction with your clients?

Perhaps you have a broad knowledge of Aboriginal culture, but know that you could learn more.

Accessed via LawGuru – a site to help our panel practitioners and community legal centre centre (CLC) staff support their clients – we have a suite of eLearning modules that have been designed to assist practice partners and CLC staff when representing First Nations clients.

They include:

  • Aboriginal Culture: other ways of knowing. Developed by The Cultural Consultancy Group and authored by Marrithiyel woman, Janine Cattanach, this module provides learners with a strong foundation of cultural knowledge, including Aboriginal culture, beliefs and practices.
  • Working inclusively with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients. Developed by Victoria Legal Aid and authored by Yorta Yorta woman, Meena Singh, this module advises how to work with First Nations clients in a culturally safe and respectful way, including how to ask about cultural identity when obtaining instructions from clients.

Hala Atwa, Managing Lawyer, Professional Support is a strong advocate of the eLearning modules and the benefits they can deliver to our practice partners and First Nations clients.

‘We are committed to providing culturally safe legal services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients and these modules help support the professional development of lawyers providing these services.

‘I hope that many of our partners take the opportunity to complete the modules and keep in mind that they may help them meet their continuing professional development requirements in professional skills.’

Accessing LawGuru

The above eLearning modules are available to panel practitioners and CLC staff to complete through our LawGuru site.

If you are a Victoria Legal Aid panel member or CLC worker and have yet to get access to LawGuru, please complete the LawGuru application form.

Once you have access to LawGuru, you will be able to access the above modules via the eLearning tab at the top of the page.

Please note that CLC volunteers will need to arrange access to LawGuru directly through their community legal centre.

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