Help shape legal services for young people

Help shape legal services for young people

Friday, 16 March 2018

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Call for participants

We are setting up a Young Persons Advisory Forum (YPAF) to help improve child protection legal services.

If you:

  • are 18 or over
  • have had experience of out-of-home care or child protection
  • want to help us make legal services better

we’d love to hear from you!

Get in touch with us on or call Project Coordinator Jackie Anders on (03) 9269 0435.

About the Young Persons Advisory Forum

Young people who have experience of child protection or out-of-home care have a unique understanding of what works in the system, and what needs to be improved. We want to make sure that the experience of young people continues to help shape our work. 

Our plan is to bring a group of young people together every couple of months to get your input into, and feedback on the design of our services.

This will include:

  • what information children and young people need about the child protection system, and how to get it to them
  • understanding how children and young people prefer to work with their lawyer
  • identifying the legal needs of young people in out of home care and how we (and the system in general) can better meet these
  • and more!

The YPAF will meet about six times a year. You will meet with Victoria Legal Aid staff who are working to improve our services.  

The meetings will be held at our office (570 Bourke St, Melbourne), which is close to public transport. You will be reimbursed for your time attending YPAF meetings.

Important information 

Information and ideas you share in forum meetings will be used to help design service delivery. Notes will be taken at meetings to make sure we don’t miss out on any of your ideas, but your name and your contributions will not be shared outside Victoria Legal Aid without your agreement.

There will likely be a range of views and ideas shared at the forum meetings. You may not agree with them all.  If you become upset or distressed by anything during your participation, you can talk to our team and we will can help you find support. 

Participation in YPAF is voluntary and you can withdraw at anytime.

About our Child Protection Legal Aid Services Review 

We help children, young people and adults involved in the child protection system. 

We recently completed our Child Protection Legal Aid Services Review to work out what could be done better. We sought feedback from hundreds of people – young people, magistrates, lawyers, child protection workers and others. 

We have committed to 36 Actions aimed at improving the system. We want to make sure people, especially children and young people, in the child protection system:

  • understand their rights
  • get the information and help they need, when they need it.
  • are able to participate in decisions about them.

More information

If you would like to join the Young Persons Advisory Forum or have any questions, please email or call Jackie Anders on (03) 9269 0435, or Vincenzo Caltabiano on (03) 9269 0442.

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