Indictable crime quality audits commencing in October

Indictable crime quality audits commencing in October

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

We are supporting the delivery of high-quality legal services through quality audits. During October, the Quality Audits team will be working with indictable crime panel practitioners.

The Quality Audits team will use this connection with practitioners to recognise high-quality work conducted by our panel members. Quality audits also assist practitioners in meeting our Practice Standards through training and legal education.

What to expect

Practitioners who are selected to be quality audited are notified via email. A member of the Quality Audits team will contact you by phone requesting specific files for the quality audit. Once your files have been audited, the quality auditor will forward you a quality audit outcomes letter. We may also be in touch to arrange a meeting to personally discuss the outcomes of the quality audit with you. The Quality Audit team will also seek to identify and promote practitioners demonstrating high-quality work.

If you have questions about quality audits, please contact the Quality Audits team via email or phone (03) 9606 5206.

Further information

Quality audits are an opportunity to strengthen our partnership with private practitioners and to recognise the high-quality work conducted by private practitioners on behalf of Victoria Legal Aid.


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