Interview with Bevan Warner on the role of legal aid

Interview with Bevan Warner on the role of legal aid

Friday, 31 March 2017

On Wednesday 29 March​, our Managing Director Bevan Warner spoke to Tom Elliot on 3AW. Listen to the interview:

In the interview Bevan responded to recent criticism of our work by the Herald Sun and particular funding decisions.

He also discussed how we supported 90,000 clients last year.

Calling for a more mature understanding in the community about what is going on at Victoria Legal Aid (VLA), he explains that the vast bulk of our clients are people in real need to whom we can make a real difference during a crisis time in their lives.

We offer lots of assistance around everyday problems; people also tend to qualify for a more intensive legal assistance for more complex issues such as child protection. This is the end where our services are under increasing pressure.

The police are doing so much more positive active policing, and there is so much more intervention in families when kids are experiencing neglect. If we could do more in this space it would be great.

He makes the point that only a small number of these cases were appeals. He also points out that it would likely cost the taxpayer more if VLA wasn't involved and these and there were in-person litigants poorly running their own appeals.

Towards the end of the interview, Bevan also answers questions from callers.

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