Introducing our Grants and Quality Assurance team

Introducing our Grants and Quality Assurance team

Monday, 17 August 2020

In 2019, we reviewed our Assignments, Quality Audits and Panels teams to improve our services and to align with our organisation strategy – Strategy 22

We consulted with many of our practice partners to examine options for improving our relationships, processes and quality of services. As a result of these reviews, we identified that a new structure would better support our practice partners and delivery of client focussed services.

On 1 September 2020, the three teams will come together as one – the Grants and Quality Assurance Team.

Visit Grants enquiries to see the updated contact details for the new Grants and Quality Assurance team.

The new structure will:

  • embed a focus on strong relationships with stakeholders with the introduction of the Stakeholder Relations team. This team, which will include Panels, will provide educative support to our practice partners on guidelines, fees and processes.
  • improve the coordination of compliance checks and quality audits through the Quality Assurance team.
  • better support practitioners with queries or concerns about our assessment of legal aid applications and implement improved processes with the introduction of a dedicated Legal Assessments team.

We note that our systems and processes will require some change for us to fully implement the stakeholder relations and quality assurance functions. Full implementation of these functions under the new structure depends on our ability to increase the automation of our decision-making function, which will then provide us with the capacity to focus on providing better support to our practice partners. This will take some time to achieve, as this is reliant on substantial technical changes to our IT system - ATLAS.

What’s next

From 1 September, current legal assessment functions and processes will remain the same and will continue to be our main focus. Staff across all of Grants and Quality Assurance will continue to assess matters and answer any queries you have. 

Over the next 12–24 months, we will work towards full capacity for our training and education for practitioners functions. 

Please bear with us during this transition period, whilst we implement and adjust to the new structure. We will aim to transition into the new structure with as limited disruption as possible to our services. 

Changes you will see on 1 September

Some of the changes you will notice are:

  • our name
  • different titles for staff within the Grants and Quality Assurance team
  • new email contacts
  • new options when you are calling us, but our phone number will remain the same.

More information about these changes is available in Frequently asked questions about Grants and Quality Assurance (docx, 183.5 KB)

More information

If you would like further information please contact the Associate Directors of Grants and Quality Assurance, Kimberley Ison and Nella Buccheri:

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