Joanna Fletcher appointed Executive Director Family, Youth and Children’s Law

Joanna Fletcher appointed Executive Director Family, Youth and Children’s Law

Friday, 4 December 2020

Profile image of Joanna Fletcher wearing red jacket standing in front of green shrubbery.

We’re pleased to announce that Joanna Fletcher has been appointed the new Executive Director of Family Youth and Children’s Law at Victoria Legal Aid.

This executive appointment leads a large portion of our legal practice, which aims to assist people to resolve family disputes and achieve safe, workable and child-focused parenting and care arrangements through early intervention. This role also leads our family violence and child protection practice, assists individuals to resolve future disputes without legal assistance, and has a strong focus on law and systems reform and strategic advocacy.

Joanna is currently the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Women’s Legal Service Victoria (WLSV), working with women experiencing disadvantage to address legal issues arising from relationship breakdown or violence, and brings a wealth of leadership experience to the role.

In welcoming the appointment, our CEO Louise Glanville said 'This is a fantastic appointment for us and I’m looking forward to working closely with Joanna who has strong legal assistance sector experience.'

'This appointment also demonstrates the strength of expertise that exists in our community legal sector and recognises the work Joanna has been able to deliver at Women’s Legal Service Victoria. She is in a good position to contribute to our leadership team and work with the sector and key stakeholders at state and national levels,' said Louise.

Tina Lavranos, Chair of Women’s Legal Service Victoria said 'Victoria Legal Aid is an important partner of WLSV and, while Joanna will be missed, we are pleased that her leadership skills have been recognised and will continue to benefit the sector. We'd like to thank Joanna for her contribution to WLSV, which has grown to three times its size under her leadership. The organisation is well placed to continue on an exciting trajectory, with strong partnerships, a wonderful team and clear vision for the future.'

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