A lifelong commitment to the prevention of family violence

A lifelong commitment to the prevention of family violence

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A passionate commitment to confronting domestic violence, and roles in the Federal Office of the Status of Women and Women’s Legal Service Victoria, has provided a solid foundation for Allyson Foster’s work as a Family Violence Education Co-ordinator at Victoria Legal Aid.

Since starting in 2012, Allyson has been responsible for designing and delivering our Settled and safe program, a collaborative project to prevent family violence in culturally diverse communities.

Allyson Foster
Family Violence Education Co-ordinator Allyson Foster

‘I am proud of our Settled and Safe legal education program which helps deliver legal information about family violence, child protection and family law to new and emerging communities.

‘The program has also enabled us to forge closer ties with settlement services and deliver legal education to settlement workers to improve legal issue identification,’ she said.

Many ways to make a difference

In the course of educating people about family violence, Allyson appreciates the important role Victoria Legal Aid plays in the area.

‘Victoria Legal Aid is heavily involved in the early intervention and prevention of family violence.

‘We work with a broad cross section of people whose lives have been affected by family violence, including young children in child protection proceedings, adolescents involved in youth crime, adult offenders and victims.

‘Every time our lawyers interact with a client, they are part of our preventative response to family violence. This may entail improving access to the legal system by informing someone of their right to apply for an intervention order or linking a client to a program that helps them address the issues that led them to use violence.’

Although the subject matter is confronting and there are many sad stories, Allyson is driven by an underlying desire to make a difference.

‘I believe family and home life should be a place of physical and psychological shelter.

‘I am excited to work with lawyers to ensure we don’t miss an opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of our clients.

‘Intervening early with targeted information and advice gives our clients the best chance to avoid contact with the legal system in the future.’

More information

Find out more about the Settled and safe program. We also have resources about family violence and intervention orders.

How we can help

Read our information about family violence intervention orders or call us on 1300 792 387, Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm, to find out how we can help you.

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