New resources for youth control orders

New resources for youth control orders

Friday, 10 August 2018

Youth control orders became available as a sentence in the Children’s Court from 1 June 2018. We have put together key information and resources to assist practitioners with navigating this new process.

The Guide to youth control orders for lawyers provides information about:

  • when and why the court may make a youth control order,
  • requirements before a youth control order can be made
  • requirements of youth control orders including reporting and monitoring
  • and other general youth control order resources.

New precedents, as well as a range of process flowcharts and other training resources are available for panel practitioners. To find out more information about youth control orders or to receive copies of these resources, please contact Suzanne Bettink, Professional Support Lawyer Youth Law, telephone 9269 0650 or email

The criminal law guideline 5.1 in the VLA Handbook  and Table A-fees for summary criminal proceedings also provide information about eligibility for a grant of assistance in criminal proceedings in the Children's Court and fees payable. This includes several new items relating to youth control orders. Aid is available for attendance at the youth control order planning meeting, monitoring hearings and applications to vary or revoke.

Law Institute of Victoria training session

The Law Institute of Victoria is hosting a CPD next Wednesday 15 August on youth control orders and recent bail amendments.

Speakers include Judge Chambers and Magistrate Stylianou who will be providing a Magistrate’s perspective on these issues.  Mary Shamaly, YCO Planning Meeting Convenor, and Amelia Van Lint, Senior Practice Adviser - North Metro at Youth Justice, will also be there to answer questions about the process.

Where – Melbourne Children’s Court, Court 8

When – 15 August 2018, 4.45 pm 

Note – registrations are not required for this event.

Vitoria Legal Aid will be recording the session so if you are unable to attend, please contact Lara Wentworth, Legal Learning & Development, VLA: telephone (03) 9269 0659 or email

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