Our Horsham office: 10 years of dedicated service to the local community

Our Horsham office: 10 years of dedicated service to the local community

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A decade after former Attorney-General Rob Hulls opened our Wimmera office we are celebrating the difference we have made to the local community.

Coming a long way since 2004 in establishing and building our important and valued role within the region, Senior Lawyer Rita Sparham said a key challenge was to be trusted by the community.

‘The whole team was eager from the start to establish strong working relationships and we can now build on these local connections and trust within the community.

‘However, with no community legal centres present in 2004 we also needed to ensure that our lawyers were multi-skilled and able to work across a range of matters and jurisdictions.

‘And we certainly had to adapt to the Horsham environment with bushfires and floods forcing us to even close the office for up to a week,’ said Rita.

Despite these challenges we have also recorded important achievements.

Managing Lawyer Julia Barling is confident that we have brought real change to the community.

‘Having grown up in this region I can certainly attest to the change our presence brought about in ensuring access to justice.

‘Additionally, the response to our community legal education efforts, such as the Do Not Knock campaign and educating young people about their legal rights and responsibilities, for example cyberbullying, age of consent, and sexting, is very positive,’ said Julia.

Rita Sparham added that another big change was the provision of duty lawyer services in local courts, including the first-time establishment of this service in three courts.

‘The community now expects us to be there. In fact, within a year of opening, our office became so busy that we needed a dedicated family lawyer to join the team and meet client demand,’ said Rita.

In addition to congratulations to the whole team for their dedicated service over the last decade, special congratulations also go to Senior Lawyer Rita Sparham and Administrative Services Manager Jacqui McIntyre who recently celebrated their 10-year anniversaries.

VLA Horsham team members
(Back row L – R: Lawyer Paul Broughton, Administrative Services Manager Jacqui McIntyre, Family Lawyer Slav Subbotin and Legal Assistant Tim White, front row L – R: Receptionist/Legal Assistant Maureen Wilksch and Legal Assistant - Ashlee Smart)

Where is our Horsham office?

Wimmera region
29 Darlot St
Horsham VIC 3400
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