Our ICT team switched to a First Nations supplier – here's how

Our ICT team switched to a First Nations supplier – here's how

Monday, 5 July 2021

As part of our Reconcilation Action Plan (RAP) commitments, we recently made it easier for our teams to choose First Nations suppliers. Now, our new policies have been put into practice – and with great results. When reviewing the process for deleting data from tablets, our ICT team saw an opportunity to bring on First Nations supplier WV Tech.

‘WV Technologies creates empowerment in the lives of Indigenous Australians by providing job opportunities for those facing special disadvantages to gaining employment, as well as the chance to get ahead in life.’

Andrew Salmon, business and development manager at WV Tech.

 Our new procurement policy made the transition to WV Tech simple.

'The process was easy to follow and focusses on building the relationship, rather than conventional procurement processes.' said Simon Clarke, ICT operations manager. 'It's always a bit of an unknown exercise when creating a new business relationship. WV Tech were very professional and accommodating.'

More than talk, this is about action

We want to ensure that we’re a flexible organisation for First Nations suppliers. It’s a key action in our RAP and contributes to being a culturally safe organisation for all First Nations people to work with. 

Under the changes, teams can independently procure First Nations contractors up to $100,000 instead of the previous limit of $50,000. By upping the limit for First Nations suppliers, our goal is to make it easier to bring on First Nations contractors and minimise the onboarding process.

‘It's not just about what we buy, it's about what we do with the money that we use.’

Kris Wozniak, Victoria Legal Aid Procurement and Contracts Lead.

‘When we support First Nations businesses, we’re also putting people in jobs. There’s a lot of value in embedding these processes within our organisation,’ Kris said.

Andrew Salmon, business development manager at WV Tech agreed with this sentiment. ‘Actions speak loud. When we are chosen as a business partner, and that decision is made because of our position as a First Nations supplier as well as our technical capability, we take great pride and satisfaction.

'Importantly, we gather a sense of purpose from knowing that our choice to make a wider contribution to the lives of others is supported by others who have made the same choice and are living it.’

Take the time to identify First Nations suppliers to work with

'First Nations voices are often missed amongst the commercial noise of dozens of businesses vying for our custom. It is definitely worth taking that little bit of extra time to seek out these businesses,’ said Simon.

‘It has changed our perspectives on how we can drive our dollar further, while doing good socially.’

‘As an Indigenous company, we are aware of the significant contribution that the VLA makes in providing legal services and support to Indigenous communities across Victoria,’ said Andrew.

'We are very proud to start our journey together as partners with a common purpose.’   

More information

Read more about our Reconciliation Action Plan.

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