Payment of invoices

Payment of invoices

Tuesday, 20 July 2021

We are supporting our suppliers by processing payments in line with the governments’ Fair Payment Policy that will apply to contracts under $3 million.

To ensure the maximum benefit, it is essential that invoices are submitted to us as soon as possible. Practitioners are reminded that our practice standard is that practitioners submit claims to us for every billable event or work item at each stage of the matter, and within 30 days of the finalisation of each stage/conclusion of the matter.

In order to ensure you receive payment as soon as possible, our Finance team will be conducting two legal pay runs per week. Remittances will be issued as normal. Payment terms ongoing will be ten days on certified claims.

Please refrain from sending hard copy invoices and send all invoices to This is due to potential disruptions associated with COVID-19 and will ensure you receive your payment promptly.

All payments for grants of legal assistance must be submitted via our ATLAS portal.

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