Rare opportunity to lead social justice in Victoria

Rare opportunity to lead social justice in Victoria

Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Scales of justice

After leading Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) for ten years, Managing Director Bevan Warner will step down on 1 August 2018, with a process soon to commence to identify his replacement.

The recruitment and selection process will be coordinated by the Department of Justice and Regulation and will include representatives of the VLA Board. The panel will be assisted by an executive search firm. The panel will make recommendations to the Attorney-General, who in turn will make his recommendation to the Governor-in-Council, who is formally responsible for making the appointment.

‘VLA and our partners do essential work that ensures a measure of fairness and decency for people who can be overlooked, and who don’t have the means or power to access the protection of the law themselves.’ Bevan said.

‘VLA can’t succeed without community support, working better across the non-legal health and social services sectors, and being more transparent.’

‘Helping the community to know and value what legal aid does, not only for the individuals it helps but also how this help assists the entire community, by keeping the exercise of power within lawful constraints, has been a great privilege. It is a challenge faced by all legal aid authorities committed to fairness and equality before the law.’ Bevan said.

Speaking of his time at VLA, Bevan said, ‘I am confident that legal aid has a bright and secure future and am especially thankful for the work that staff, the private profession and our community legal centre partners perform every day, standing up for justice.’

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