Reminder to update client's financial details

Reminder to update client's financial details

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Practitioners are reminded to update their client's financial details in ATLAS where there has been a change in their financial circumstances.

If there is a change in financial circumstances the person may be eligible for assistance with a lower or no contribution. This includes a change in any financially associated person’s financial details.

Victoria Legal Aid may ask for a financial contribution from a person towards the costs of their grant of legal assistance if their income and the value of their assets (and that of any financially associated person) is above a certain amount.

Under new means test criteria introduced on 1 March 2016, the amount of weekly income a person can have, once their weekly expenses are deducted, was increased to $360. The amount of allowable assets a person can have was also increased to $1095 for singles and $2190 for people with financially associated persons or dependents.

People with income and/or assets in excess of these thresholds, who are eligible for a grant of legal assistance, may be asked to pay a contribution towards the cost of their assistance.

Changes in financial circumstances will be evident from Affidavits filed with the court and family reports.

Under the changes to the means test introduced in March, more people on low incomes are eligible for a grant of legal assistance without being asked to pay a contribution.

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Find out more about contributions in the VLA Handbook for lawyers.

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