Supporting our clients and how to use WebEx

Supporting our clients and how to use WebEx

Tuesday, 7 July 2020

Online hearings and remote processes

We are committed to ensuring the needs of the people we help are our foremost priority, now more than ever throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Today, we are releasing guidance and information to help lawyers provide the best possible support to their clients during this time, including how to engage in online hearings across various courts and jurisdictions. 

Our Guidance note – Adopting a client first approach to legal assistance and proceedings during COVID-19, sets out the principles and approach we will take to enable clients to have access to and participate in legal proceedings and decisions that affect them. 

This includes:

  • working together to assist vulnerable clients to access appropriate technology and support to participate 
  • developing processes which are trauma-informed, respectful, informed by client experience and provide just in time information which helps clients engage in and understand their options, rights and obligations
  • providing guidance to legal assistance sector staff about how to work with clients who may need extra support to participate or for whom remote proceedings may not be suitable.

If you have any feedback on the guidance note, please email

Victorian Courts are all using CISCO WebEx to conduct online hearings for a range of matters across multiple divisions.

How this works in practice varies from court to court. The County and Supreme Courts have been using WebEx for some time, the Children’s Court is currently doing so in the Family Division, and the Magistrates’ Court is expanding its use of online hearings across the State.

We have developed a Guide to Using WebEx for online hearings. It covers key functions, how to set and participate in an online hearing using WebEx.

We are also developing some additional training for staff who might need it to adjust to this new format – further information to come.

If you have any queries about using WebEx, please contact Alice Cashen, associate director of VLA's Criminal Law Service -

Online hearings are a key way to progress and finalise matters during COVID19 and we expect them to continue for some time while physical distancing requirements remain in place.

More information

Read our WebEx guide (docx, 7.55 MB)

Read our Guidance note – Adopting a client first approach to legal assistance and proceedings during COVID-19 (docx, 196.15 KB)

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