Supporting our Grants and Quality Assurance team

Supporting our Grants and Quality Assurance team

Monday, 7 June 2021

Our Grants and Quality Assurance team are currently experiencing a high volume of grants-related enquiries. Time spent responding to these enquiries is impacting turnaround times for assessing legal assistance applications, and providing a high level of service.

We recognise the frustration caused by delays in assessing applications for assistance. However, due to the volume of enquiries, we are unable to respond to all telephone calls and emails at this time.

Please avoiding calling or emailing the Grants and Quality Assurance team at this time so we can concentrate on assessing your clients’ applications for assistance. Please note that we are unable to provide in-person grants advice to applicants for assistance.

We are working hard to support COVID-19 recovery by assessing all applications and requests as quickly as possible, and are currently prioritising:

  • matters in the Court of Appeal and the High Court
  • criminal trials and family and civil law matters with hearing dates within the next five days
  • public interest and strategic litigation matters.

We thank you for your patience and understanding during this busy time.

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