Supporting your community legal information work

Supporting your community legal information work

Wednesday, 15 December 2021

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Making community legal information is a new webpage, developed to support community legal centres and other creators of community legal information. We share our plain language writing guide and link to other resources and research on making accessible and effective community legal information.

The webpage was inspired by your suggestions when we consulted you about how we can strengthen legal information in Victoria. We hope you find it useful and welcome your feedback about how we can improve it.

Sharing resources is also one of the actions from our Community Legal Information Strategy 2021–24, approved by our Board in August. We will also soon share data on our community legal information, such as publication orders and most popular webpages.

We are exploring ways we can amplify the work of community legal centres, such as helping to promote and distribute your community legal information. We want to be fair and transparent about how we decide which projects and resources we support. We will develop and share policies about this next year.

‘We value the innovation, expertise and close connections to communities that CLC’s have. Over the years we have had partnerships with centres where local projects have become sustainable statewide or national projects. This work makes the most of our respective skills and resources for the benefit of our communities. We look forward to exploring new opportunities.’

Monica Ferrari, Manager of Community Legal Education

The Community Legal Information Strategy is part of our response to Access to Justice reforms that expand our role to ensure that community legal information is current, accessible, high quality and of sufficient breadth. We hope that the new webpage provides tools to support these goals.

More information

If you would like to know more about our Community Legal Information Strategy, or have feedback about the webpage, please contact our Community Legal Education team.

Making community legal information.

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