Victoria Legal Aid supports marriage equality

Victoria Legal Aid supports marriage equality

Friday, 20 October 2017

At Victoria Legal Aid, we look forward to a time in Australia when the LGBTIQ community can live free from discrimination. That is why we support marriage equality. The discrimination around marriage that makes members of the LGBTIQ community less equal and less safe than others should be removed.

We know that members of the LGBTIQ community face discriminatory practices, encounter multiple legal issues and are exposed to harm in ways that other members of the community are not. This is particularly prevalent for young LGBTIQ people. We see this in the lived experience of our clients. Equality in marriage law sends an important message to young people, in particular, that they are not lesser and neither are their relationships or their families’ relationships. They should be safe to be who they are without the fear of being ostracised or bullied.

Standing up for marriage equality is part of a natural progression of our advocacy for amendments to the Equal Opportunity Act 2010 to improve protections for LGBTIQ people, and, in our 2016 submission about the Victorian Gender Equality Strategy.

As a legal services organisation, we also have a duty to be a safe and inclusive service provider, that members of the LGBTIQ community feel comfortable accessing. We will continue to display Rainbow colours to signal our support for change and to promote the safe and inclusive legal services we offer for all our clients including anyone who has experienced discrimination.

We acknowledge that people hold a range of views about this social issue. However, we believe the real harm that is perpetuated on members of the LGBTIQ community from these discriminatory practices is reason alone to make the change.

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