Victoria Legal Aid welcomes Access to Justice Review’s focus on the needs of vulnerable Victorians

Victoria Legal Aid welcomes Access to Justice Review’s focus on the needs of vulnerable Victorians

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Victoria Legal Aid has welcomed the announcement of the terms of reference for the Victorian Government’s Access to Justice Review.

Managing Director Bevan Warner said the broad ranging review of the entire legal assistance sector would put the issue of unmet legal need firmly on the agenda in Victoria.

He said the review would build on the work of two key reports: the 2014 Productivity Commission Inquiry into Access to Justice Arrangements, which recommended nationwide reform of the justice sector, and also the 2014 Victorian Auditor General’s report on Access to Legal Aid, which provided a comprehensive assessment of the performance and value of Victoria Legal Aid.

Mr Warner said the Access to Justice Review would also be critical in informing our upcoming review of the Victoria Legal Aid eligibility means test.

‘The Access to Justice Review will place the needs of Victorians who are missing out on the legal help they need firmly in the spotlight and ensure the legal assistance sector is working effectively so that it can help as many people as possible,’ he said.

‘We welcome the review’s focus on expanding access to justice, finding alternative ways of resolving disputes and making it easier to navigate the legal system.

‘We look forward to contributing to the review, drawing on our experience of working with tens of thousands of vulnerable and disadvantaged Victorians every year.’

Mr Warner said there was widespread unmet legal need in Victoria. The 2012 Legal Australia-Wide Survey found that although more than two million Victorians experienced a legal problem in a year, around half handled the problem without advice or did not take any action.

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See the Attorney-General's media release: Review seeks better access for vulnerable Victorians.

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