Warrnambool road trip provides insight into regional issues

Warrnambool road trip provides insight into regional issues

Thursday, 22 April 2021

Our Board was able to learn firsthand some of the issues faced by our clients, and our practitioners on the south coast of Victoria when they visited Warrnambool for a two-day off-site meeting.

Chairperson Bill Jaboor said the Board appreciated the chance to meet personally with colleagues after the restrictions imposed by COVID-19 and to learn more about the vital work we do in regional Victoria.

‘Based on our very strong regional focus it was important to the Board to hold this offsite in Warrnambool to recognise the great work being carried out at regional locations across the state and the challenges we’ve collectively overcome in the past 12 months.

Our senior executives and Board met our 13-strong Warrnambool team and discussed local issues, including life in a regional office during COVID-19, and challenges and opportunities that have arisen out of the pandemic.

George Habib wearing a blue jacket/grey jumper, John O'Donoghue wearing a brown jacket and blue shirt and Bill Jaboor wearing a black jacket, blue shirt and red tie
L–R: Board members George Habib and John O’Donoghue and Board Chairperson, Bill Jaboor.

Warrnambool Managing Lawyer Amanda Chambers said the visit by the Board and senior executives was appreciated, and her team valued the opportunity to become more familiar with the Board and develop their connection with senior executives.

‘It was a privilege to meet the Board, who were very approachable, and keen to learn about local issues.

‘They left our team feeling very valued for the vital work that they do, and the visit helped the Board gain a fuller appreciation of the differences between outer rural offices and those based closer to Melbourne,’ said Amanda.

Chairperson Bill Jaboor agreed it was a valuable visit.

‘With over half our services being provided by regional offices right across Victoria it was wonderful to hear firsthand from staff in Warrnambool about their achievements and experiences during COVID-19 and their vision for the future as part of our regional services plan,’ said Bill.

The Board was joined by our senior executives, and hosted a stakeholders’ event. Attending the function were prosecutors, the Warrnambool Court Registry, corrections staff, our private panel practitioners, Oz Child Family Law Services, Brophy Family & Youth Services, South West Healthcare, Gunditjmara Aboriginal Cooperative and Warrnambool City Council.

Jessica Dowdy wearing black dress with white dots, Michele Downs wearing green dress and Robbie Campo wearing a grey cardigan top
L–R: Jessica Dowdy, President, Western District Law Association; Michele Downs, Farrelly Legal; Robbie Campo, Board Member, Victoria Legal Aid

Secretary, Department of Justice and Community Safety, Rebecca Falkingham also joined the Board for a discussion via Zoom.

CEO Louise Glanville said the off-site was of great benefit to our senior leaders.

'We’ve had a very a very instructive two days in Warrnambool, meeting local stakeholders and spending time with our staff. Our regional offices have unique insights into their communities, so opportunities to listen and learn from them are highly valued,' said Louise.

Chairperson Bill Jaboor said it was a very successful off-site.

‘While we all adapted to new ways of remote working during the past year, it was also very re-energising for the Board to spend this time together in person with our senior leaders and local staff. In fact, this was the first occasion for some Board members to meet in person, so it was also a great networking opportunity.

L–R: Senior Victoria Legal Aid executives Dianna Gleeson, Director, Legal Practice and Matthew Dale, Chief Financial Officer; Kate Bundrock, Program Manager, Summary Crime; Senior Victoria Legal Aid executive, Cameron Hume, Director, Corporate Affairs

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