Working together to support good advocacy

Working together to support good advocacy

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Abbey Sullivan

The Family Law Legal Aid Services Review is all about finding new ways to work together with our service delivery partners and clients. One area of service we can strengthen is our solicitor and barrister briefing practices and advocacy. Our initial consultation focused on a preferred barrister list (PBL) concept.

‘Our early feedback uncovered a need to slow down and seek deeper feedback about the best way to work together.

‘We are grateful for the barrister and practitioner consultations that has prompted us to now seek further insight,’

Abby Sullivan, Project Coordinator

We will consult with as many barristers and practitioners as possible from March to May this year to identify gaps and tailor a personalised approach.

What areas of family law are w​e looking at?

This revised project will concentrate on briefing practices and advocacy, particularly how we work with barristers and solicitors. Our focus is on adult family law matters and independent children’s lawyers in the family and federal circuit courts in Victoria.

What next?

Abby Sullivan, Project Coordinator may contact you to arrange opportunities for discussion and to provide input. We recognise your feedback is crucial and your time is limited. Therefore, we will be coordinating consultations with Catherine Caruana who is developing a set of practice tools to support the preparation of family law matters for trials.

How can you provide feedback?

There will be opportunities to provide us with your feedback via face-to-face consultations, short surveys and email. You can choose the method that works for you and your preferred communication style.

What will we do with your feedback?

Your feedback will help identify opportunities to strengthen briefing practices and advocacy in family law. We will collate your responses and our research into an options paper that articulates the gaps identified through the consultation, and provide recommended solutions.

More information

To find out more about this project please contact Abigail Sullivan on (03) 9606 5261.

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