Youth Crime Subset training

Youth Crime Subset training

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The first two full-day training programs for those applying to be part of the Youth Crime Subset of the section 29A Indictable Crime Panel recently took place in October.

The training was conducted by lawyers from Victoria Legal Aid’s Youth Crime sub-program who work almost exclusively in the Children's Court jurisdiction with young clients in both the Criminal Division and the Family Division of the court. They also represent young clients with matters committed for trial in higher courts (homicides, exceptional circumstances and fitness to plead cases).

Managing Lawyer Youth Crime Anoushka Jeronimus said the training is invaluable for those representing young people.

‘The Children's Court is a specialist jurisdiction that involves a particularly vulnerable client group and processes that apply specifically to that group.

‘It is important that all lawyers practising in this area are aware of the special needs of young clients, and of the various options that might minimise the impact of their involvement in criminal activity.

‘This training will help ensure that all young people represented by a Victoria Legal Aid-funded lawyer have access to high quality representation.’

The next training sessions will be held on Friday 29 November and Thursday 12 December and a limited number of sessions will be offered in 2014.

Training must be completed before 1 March 2014 for the assessment of applications to be finalised. For further information see Section 29A panels training – Youth Crime Subset.

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