Law journals

Law journals

The Australasian Legal Scholarship Library makes many journals available online, including:

Print collection

Our law library collects a wide range of legal journals that members of the public can access and photocopy. Titles include:

  • ABA journal (1996–2012)
  • ADR bulletin (1999–2011)
  • Alternative law journal
  • Australasian dispute resolution journal
  • Australian and New Zealand journal of criminology
  • Australian bar review
  • Australian family lawyer
  • Australian health law bulletin
  • Australian journal of administrative law
  • Australian journal of family law
  • Australian journal of human rights
  • Australian journal of public administration
  • The Australian law journal
  • Criminal law journal
  • Indigenous law bulletin
  • International journal of refugee law
  • Journal of family studies
  • Journal of judicial administration
  • Journal of law and medicine
  • Law Institute journal
  • Privacy law bulletin.

For more resources, see the Public Law Library Catalogue.

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