Annual Report 2020–21

Annual Report 2020–21

Our 2020–21 Annual Report was tabled on 18 November October 2021.

Our annual report is published at the end of every financial year and tabled in the Victorian Parliament. It highlights our services and activities for the year. Each annual report is prepared in accordance with the Standing Directions of the Minister for Finance and Financial Reporting Directions, as well as sections of the Financial Management Act 1994.

The report contains information about:

  • key activities and initiatives
  • financial management and annual financial statements
  • compliance reporting requirements.

Our clients

We serve a diverse range of clients, many who face complex legal problems and experience cultural barriers, discrimination, disability, mental health issues, or social and geographic isolation.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic the impact of intersecting disadvantage has become more prominent, with a greater proportion of the Victorian community affected by unemployment, economic and social disadvantage, mental health issues and financial strain.

During 2020–21 we helped 74,670 unique clients.

Who are our clients? (full description in long description metadata)

Download the full report

Read our Annual Report 2020–21 (pdf, 4.99 MB) or the accessible Word version (850.94 KB).

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