Annual Report 2018–19

Annual Report 2018–19

Our 2018–19 Annual Report was tabled on 17 October 2019.

Our annual report is published at the end of every financial year and tabled in the Victorian Parliament. It highlights our services and activities for the year. Each annual report is prepared in accordance with the Standing Directions of the Minister for Finance and Financial Reporting Directions, as well as sections of the Financial Management Act 1994.

The report contains information about:

  • key activities and initiatives
  • financial management and annual financial statements
  • compliance reporting requirements.

Our clients

During 2018–19 we helped 100,061 unique clients, including those seen by a private practitioner duty lawyer. We have seen steady increases in the level of disadvantage experienced by our clients. Many experience language, literacy or cultural barriers, disability or other health issues, or social and geographic isolation.

Infographic of our clients for 2018–19

Note: A unique client is an individual who accessed one or more of our legal services. This does not include people for whom a client-lawyer relationship was not formed, who received information via the telephone, website or in-person at court or at a public counter, who participated in community legal education sessions, or clients from community legal centres. Neither does this client count include people assisted by our Independent Mental Health Advocacy service or Independent Family Advocacy and Support service.

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