Corporate Plan 2020–21

Corporate Plan 2020–21

 Corporate Plan 2020–21

Our Corporate Plan 2020–21 outlines our priorities for the year.

The devastating bushfires in the east and northeast of Victoria, followed by the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020, have had a serious impact on our community and similarly caused significant disruption to the justice system and the services that we deliver.

This year much of our focus will be on responding and adapting to these disruptions, while ensuring that we continue to deliver essential legal services to the community and progress our Strategy 22 goals.

In 2020–21, our priorities are:

  • COVID-19 pandemic recovery and transition – develop and implement strategies to recover and transition from the impacts of COVID-19
  • financial sustainability – implement service delivery and administrative changes so we can manage and maintain a balanced operating position over time
  • Digital Legal Aid – leverage technology to significantly improve client services, productivity and access to justice
  • family violence response – work with our legal assistance partners, the courts, police and family violence services to improve access to legal help for people affected by family violence
  • health, safety and wellbeing – review and manage health, safety and wellbeing activities to mitigate risk and prevent health and safety issues
  • enterprise agreement negotiations – renegotiating our enterprise agreement for the period 2020–24
  • legal sector service response to disasters – improve disaster response in the legal sector
  • National Legal Aid Partnership Agreement implementation – implement the requirements of the National Legal Aid Partnership Agreement and develop of better understanding of legal need in Victoria
  • cultural competency – continuously strive to enhance cultural competency to ensure a culturally safe workplace and service. 

In recognition of a changing operating and social environment and the delay to the state budget, we will review this corporate plan at its midpoint. This will provide us with the opportunity to update the plan depending on what the landscape looks like following the release of the state budget. This is an unusual step, but an important one so we remain agile and able to transparently respond to new risks and challenges.

Download our corporate plan

Download our Corporate Plan 2020–21 (pdf, 421 KB) or the accessible Word version (1.17 MB)

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