Corporate Plan 2019–20

Corporate Plan 2019–20

Cover of our Corporate Plan 2019-20

To realise our strategic directions and deliver on our statutory objectives, we will deliver 10 priority actions in 2019–20.


To make Victoria Legal Aid a more client-centred organisation where clients feel safe, understood and respected when dealing with us, we will:

  • implement our second Reconciliation Action Plan to ensure our services are culturally safe, responsive and accessible for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders and recruitment, retention and career pathways within VLA for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders is strengthened
  • deliver our Client First Strategy to help us increase the use of client feedback in the design of our policies, services and projects so we understand our clients’ experiences and diverse needs, which will lead to better service delivery and improved outcomes for clients
  • continue our program of work under Digital Legal Aid to make it easier for clients to access our services, especially in high-volume channels such as our Legal Help telephone service, duty lawyer services and our website.


Our use of public funds makes it important for us to monitor and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of our services across Victoria. To be able to monitor and anticipate evolving needs through more effective use of service data and demographic information, we will: 

  • continue our program of work under Digital Legal Aid to make operations more efficient and strengthen our data and systems capability so we can provide evidence to guide decision-making and measure impact
  • implement the first year of our Regional Services Plan to ensure we make informed decisions about infrastructure and resource allocation, so we provide the right services to meet the current and emerging needs of outer-metropolitan and regional Victorians using data, evidence and collaborative planning
  • work on the justice system as well as within it through strategic advocacy that delivers broad community benefit and helps clarify law and policy.


We are committed to building and maintaining trust with our legal and community sector partners as part of building a stronger, more united legal assistance sector. This year it will be critical to work in a collaborative and inclusive manner with:

  • our staff, practice partners and key stakeholders to deliver our Financial Sustainability Strategy to achieve our savings projections and seek additional funding through various sources 
  • our partners across the justice sector as we contribute to significant summary crime law reforms, particularly the Magistrates’ Court Victoria, Victoria Police and the Department of Justice and Community Safety, to implement savings options that require system wide change
  • our partners who deliver family violence legal services to support the rollout of Support and Safety Hubs (The Orange Door) and specialist family violence courts in Victoria
  • our staff to ensure people feel safe and supported at work because safety is prioritised, diversity is embraced, and workloads are managed.

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