Implementation updates of the Child Protection Legal Aid Services Review

Implementation updates of the Child Protection Legal Aid Services Review

We have committed to 36 actions to improve child protection legal aid services. These actions are aimed at ensuring Victorian children, young people, parents and carers benefit from legal help that is more effective, high quality and as widely available as possible.

Implementation highlights


24 May 2019 – New client referral process to support high quality and consistent child protection legal services

24 May – 2019 – Changes to practice standards for lawyers working with children

4 April 2019 – New service offering support to Bendigo families

29 March 2019 – New guide for children’s lawyers in child protection to promote high quality services

4 March 2019 – Child Protection Duty Lawyer Guidelines to promote consistency and fairness


11 December 2018 – Early support for families recognised a non-legal service launch

29 October 2018 – New child protection non-legal advocacy and support service opens for families

2 October 2018 – Increased funding to help Aboriginal families in the child protection system

5 September 2018 – Guideline changes to improve child protection legal services

5 September 2018 – Transforming our child protection services

27 April 2018 – Standardising duty lawyer fees in child protection

8 January 2018 – Encouraging results in child protection pilot programs


6 September 2017 – New initiatives and more training to support legal practitioners in child protection

6 September 2017 – New early intervention pilot part of widespread changes to child protection legal help in Victoria

6 September 2017 – Action on child protection legal services coming to regional Victoria

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