Action 3: introduce new quality tools

Action 3: introduce new quality tools

We introduced quality tools around brief analysis, case strategy and handover to counsel.

Why we introduced these tools

We want to ensure a consistently high quality approach to documented legal analysis, communications between lawyers, trial planning, client care and file management for all legally aided cases.

Quality tools to assist with evidentiary analysis and case strategy development can assist practitioners to make sound forensic judgements at an early stage that form the foundation for the progress of a matter.

Good communications between solicitors and barristers will ensure that lawyers work together efficiently and trial preparation tasks are completed in accordance with a written trial preparation plan, reducing duplication and delay.

Checklists ensure that practitioners will consider all relevant matters at the various stages of a case.

The tools are consistent with our focus on ensuring the quality of legal aid work through practice standards, compliance systems and a pending program of quality auditing to provide better outcomes for clients, the courts and the community.

What happens next

A working group, including lawyers from private practice and community legal centres, collaborated to develop tools to:

  • guide the analysis of a case at an early stage
  • develop an articulated case strategy
  • standardise handovers between solicitors and barristers
  • provide procedural checklists to guide the conduct of each stage of a case.

The new quality tools are compulsory for our in-house practice immediately and highly recommended for private practitioners.

Download the tools

Brief analysis and case strategy (doc, 116 KB)

Handover to counsel (doc, 44.5 KB)

Allocation checklist (doc, 225 KB)

Indictable checklists for non-sexual offences

After brief served checklist (doc, 263.5 KB)

Before committal checklist (doc, 255 KB)

After committal to trial checklist (doc, 289.5 KB)

Plea checklist (doc, 248.5 KB)

Pre-trial checklist (doc, 275.5 KB)

Post-plea checklist (doc, 227.5 KB)

Indictable checklists for sexual offences

Allocation checklist (sexual offences) (doc, 228 KB)

After brief served checklist (sexual offences) (doc, 281.5 KB)

Before committal checklist (sexual offences) (doc, 274 KB)

After committal to trial checklist (sexual offences) (doc, 303 KB)

Plea checklist (sexual offences) (doc, 252.5 KB)

Pre-trial checklist (sexual offences) (doc, 291 KB)

Post-plea checklist (sexual offences) (doc, 236.5 KB)

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