Means Test Review – options for change

Means Test Review – options for change

This options paper covers possible changes to the means test and contributions policy, which have been suggested and informed by a consultation process with clients, partners and the public. A number of possible changes are interrelated. We want to know what you think about the possible options for reform.

The options paper is broken down into four different sections. Part A examines what disadvantage looks like in Australia today. If you want to find out the range of options we have outlined, you can go straight to Part B of the paper. If you’re more interested on the feedback we have received to date and what we consulted on, you can check out Part D of the paper. Alternatively, if you want to know how we are preparing for the sustainability of changes to the means test, you can find this information located in Part C.

Introduction to the options paper

Part A – How do we measure eligibility?

Part B – Making the means test better

Part C – Future focus

Part D – What you told us


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