Our history: 2020 and beyond

Our history: 2020 and beyond

Client-first strategy

In 2020, we launched our Client-first Strategy to focus our attention on how we listen to and work with people that use our services. 

Cultural Diversity and Inclusion 

In 2020, we launched our Cultural Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2020–23 during Cultural Diversity Week in March. The strategy aims to build the cultural competency of our organisation to support a safe and inclusive work environment for all staff and safe services for our clients. 

Call to end Aboriginal deaths in custody

In 2020, we released a public statement supporting the Victorian Aboriginal Legal Service (VALS) and Aboriginal community led organisations in calling for an end to Aboriginal deaths in custody, in response to the global Black Lives Matter movement. 

Help Before Court

In 2021, we launched Help Before Court which represents a new approach to improving people’s experience of going to court. The service offers legal assistance to people charged with a criminal offence before their court date and away from physical locations.


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