Public accountability

Public accountability

As a Victorian public sector entity, we are accountable for the funding we receive from a range of state and commonwealth sources and for ensuring that we deliver value for money outcomes for the Victorian community.

We publicly report on our performance via a range of different mechanisms, including our annual reports, Victorian state budget papers and regular service and financial performance reports.

Annual reports

Our annual reports are published at the end of every financial year and tabled in the Victorian Parliament.

Read our current annual report and previous annual reports.

Corporate plans

Our corporate plan sets out initiatives to deliver over the year and how these initiatives will help us achieve our goals under Strategy 22.

Read our current Corporate Plan 2021–22 and previous corporate plans.

Quarterly reports

Our quarterly reports outline our financial and service delivery performance at the end of each financial quarter, as well as a projection for the remainder of the year.

Read our quarterly reports.

Strategic plans

Our Strategy 2018–22 is built around three key directions that will drive Victoria Legal Aid over the next four years. 

Read our Strategy 22 and prevous strategies.

Our performance and achievements from our previous Strategic Plan 2011–14 (pdf, 2.18 MB) is reported in the Strategic Plan Performance Outcomes 2011–14 (docx, 417.87 KB).

Public proceedings of our Board meetings

Read the public proceedings of our Board meetings

Client satisfaction surveys

We conduct regular client satisfaction surveys to help us assess how we are performing and identify ways to improve service delivery.

Financial sustainability 

Read about the steps we are taking to ensure a sustainable budget as the demand for our services increases. 

Gifts, benefits and hospitality registry

For integrity, impartiality and accountability we publish details of accepted and declined offers of gifts, benefits or hospitality. Read our Gifts, benefits and hospitality registry

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