Corporate Plan 2021–22

Corporate Plan 2021–22

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Our Corporate Plan 2021–22 outlines our priorities for the year, our performance targets and annual budget, as well as our strategic advocacy priorities.

Like many other agencies within the justice system, we continue to experience the impacts and uncertainty associated with COVID-19. This is most evident in the backlog of cases within the courts and the subsequent impact on our clients. While these challenges persist, they also provide opportunities this year for us to adapt and innovate, reconnect with our staff, clients and partners, and improve our services.

In 2021–22, our priorities are:

Client focused service delivery

  • Criminal and family violence services—Enhance criminal law and family violence legal services, including pre-court legal services and further implementation of Specialist Family Violence Court reforms.
  • Regional services—Implement priority projects focused on private practitioner market supply and a sustainable regional workforce.
  • Aboriginal Services—Review VLA’s services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to identify gaps and areas for improved service delivery.
  • Service improvements and reform in response to government inquiries and legislation—Improve understanding of services and gender equality, informed by client and consumer experience of the justice, mental health and disability systems

Changing the way we work

  • Hybrid work model—Implement a new hybrid work model that enables staff and services to respond to external factors.
  • Health and wellbeing—Adapt organisational health, safety, and wellbeing approaches for staff to address emerging risk and new ways of working.
  • Digital Legal Aid—Enhance digital and data capabilities to support effective and efficient service delivery

Improving diversity and inclusion

  • VLA’s Inclusion framework—Develop strategies and plans to support a diverse and inclusive workforce and contribute to a more inclusive legal assistance sector. 

Addressing our long-term financial sustainability

  • Long term financial sustainability—Implement VLA’s long term financial plan to deliver legal assistance services to vulnerable and disadvantaged Victorians in a financially sustainable manner.

This is the fourth and final Corporate Plan under Strategy 22, and we have made significant progress in achieving the strategic goals we set ourselves in 2018.

Download our corporate plan

Download our Corporate Plan 2021–22 (docx, 502.08 KB)

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