Strategy 22

Strategy 22

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Strategy 22 outlines how we will work towards our intended purpose, which is to make a difference for clients and the community through effective legal services and collaborative leadership of a strong and dynamic legal assistance sector. It outlines our strategic priorities in the next four years. Our plans, and investment decisions are informed by these priorities.

This strategy is informed by a comprehensive development process that encompassed engagement and research activities. We talked to clients, staff and stakeholders, and asked for their thoughts about what is working, what needs to be improved and where they believe our value lies.

Our key directions – clients, impact, together

Strategy 22 is built around three key directions that will drive Victoria Legal Aid over the next four years. These key directions are intended to act as the foundation for more accessible, client-centred services and a collaborative style of leadership and partnership across the legal assistance sector.

'Central to Strategy 22 is our desire to become a more client centred organisation, by working more directly with our clients in the design and delivery of our services. This requires us to move away from the assumption that ‘we know best’, to an organisational mindset that acknowledges that clients themselves are best-placed to describe whether our services helped them resolve their legal problems' 


We listen to our clients and make meeting their diverse needs our priority

We will make Victoria Legal Aid a more client-centred organisation that routinely seeks and uses client feedback in the design of policies, services and projects. We will also use our leadership role within the justice system to advocate for improvements to the broader system to make it more accessible for clients.  

We will continue to focus our resources on priority clients that face disadvantage within the legal system, including children and young people, people experiencing mental illness or living with a disability, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander clients, and clients who encounter violence, trauma and abuse.


We design effective services using evidence and feedback when deciding how and where they are delivered

It is critical that Victoria Legal Aid is able to monitor and anticipate evolving needs through more effective use of service data and demographic information.  Our use of public funds makes it important for us to monitor and evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of our services across Victoria.


We will lead and act in ways that build trust and deepen relationships with colleagues, partners, and the community

It is critical that our clients and the community trust us, and value the services we deliver and fund. It is equally important that our legal and community sector partners understand what we do and why we do it. To foster trust, we will increase transparency internally and externally and play our leadership role in a collaborative and inclusive manner with our practice partners.

Measuring our progress

Strategy 22 is our commitment to putting clients first, delivering services with impact and acting as a collaborative leader within a strong and dynamic legal assistance sector. We will know we have been successful in delivering on this commitment when client feedback is being used to design services our services are achieving their desired impact and the legal assistance sector is strong and united. 

Over the next four years we will use a range of measures to understand and manage our progress towards achieving our strategic objectives. Specifically, these measures will enable us to:

  • publicly monitor performance to track our progress towards our goals
  • know if our clients and partners are satisfied with our performance
  • take action to affect performance or to make adjustments if needed.

These measures sit within a broader framework of measuring and monitoring our performance as part of our internal corporate planning and reporting processes. Our annual corporate plan will include measures that will link back to Strategy 22 and help us to assess what we have achieved over the shorter term and the difference we have made to our clients and the sector.

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