Research projects

Research projects

Our research projects include regular and one-off projects.

Client profiles

The research brief 'Victoria Legal Aid client profiles – high contact users of legal aid services' analysed client data over a 10-year period from 2003–2013 and found frequent users were more likely to exhibit certain characteristics that indicate disadvantage.

Our annual report also profiles our clients and has information and statistics about our services.

Read more about our Client profiles

Client satisfaction surveys

We conduct regular client satisfaction surveys to help us assess how we are performing and identify ways to improve service delivery.

Client Services Strategy

We want to improve clients’ experiences of seeking and receiving help. We can do this by embedding client-focused practice across our services and programs and increasing our use of client feedback and engagement in how we design, review and evaluate our services

Read about our Client Services Strategy.

Consulting our community and stakeholders

In 2014 we consulted the community and our stakeholders to ensure we make informed choices about how we assist the most vulnerable and disadvantaged Victorians.

Read about Consulting our community and stakeholders.

Legal information services

We are partnering with the Law and Justice Foundation of New South Wales to examine efficient and effective ways to deliver legal information services. As part of this work, the foundation has completed a literature scan to locate and summarise the available research evidence on legal information services. The foundation identified 69 studies published between 2013 and 2018. It also examined 34 legal service organisations in Australia, New Zealand and Canada, analysing the channels they use to reach their audience.

Three key themes of effectiveness, barriers and innovation and technology emerged from the scan of literature, which are outlined in the report.

Read the Information services literature scan report.

Research into risk factors for continuing family violence

People at risk of breaching family violence intervention orders are identified in new research that could boost efforts to keep victims safe.

Read about Research into risk factors for continuing family violence.

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