Client services strategy

Client services strategy

We want to improve clients’ experiences of seeking and receiving help. We can do this by embedding client-focused practice across our services and programs and increasing our use of client feedback and engagement in how we design, review and evaluate our services.

Listening to people who need or use our services

We are developing a client services strategy to build into our future work. During May and June 2019 we are consulting clients, staff, service providers and stakeholders involved in legal aid work to help us create this strategy. We will provide further updates and opportunities to comment on the themes and approach of the strategy as it develops. Our plan is to have a final strategy by the end of 2019.

We want your feedback

We are gathering ideas about how to improve the experience of people using legal services.

Please complete the survey by 10 am on 10 June 2019.  

How we are developing the strategy


February–June 2019 

  • identify issues for clients from existing data and reports
  • hold internal interviews and desktop research
  • identify key themes for Strategy development.


May–June 2019

  • set up internal and external consultation media
  • workshop with clients, survey staff and stakeholders
  • synthesize findings and feedback
  • formalise strategic areas of focus.


July–August 2019

  • articulate key themes and issues (framework) Test with Steering Committee, Senior Executive Team and VLA Board. 


August–December 2019    

  • incorporate feedback and refine strategy and develop implementation plan and evaluation approach  
  • further test with key audiences
  • put the strategy to the Senior Executive Team and VLA Board.  

More information

Contact our Client Intake and Inclusion team

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