Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System

Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System

The Victorian Government is establishing Australia’s first Royal Commission into Mental Health . The Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System (RCVMHS) is a critical opportunity to look at a system that is not currently working to its full potential to support people’s personal recovery or to enable them to live well in the community. 

At its best, the RCVMHS has the potential to help shape Victoria’s laws, policies, services and culture into a system that protects and promotes the rights of Victorians experiencing mental health issues or mental distress, including those in the justice system. It has the potential to inform and build a system that supports people's choices and their recovery in ways that enable them to live the best lives they can, as determined by them.

Our contributions to the RCVMHS and related enquiries draw on the experiences of our clients across civil, criminal, family, youth and children’s law, and our Independent Mental Health Advocacy service, (IMHA).

Consumers are the people who are most impacted by the accessibility and responsiveness of the mental health system and they must be supported to tell their stories to the RCVMHS. Their views must be respected and reflected in the final recommendations and in the reformed system that emerges.


8 April 2019 – an independent evaluation of IMHA demonstrates it has been very successful, but it’s not able to help everyone who needs support.

1 February 2019 – we suggested 10 themes which should be in scope for the Royal Commission in our submission –  Roads to Recovery – 10 themes that must be considered by Victoria’s Royal Commission into Mental Health.

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Read more at the Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System website.

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