Apply to collaborate with us on a research project

Apply to collaborate with us on a research project

Who we collaborate with

Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) collaborates on research projects and studies with:

  • our partners within the legal assistance sector
  • independent research agencies and universities.

Why we collaborate

We collaborate to undertake research, analysis and evaluation aligned with our strategic priorities. 

Research collaborations help us to:

  • understand our clients, the problems they face and how they access legal services
  • understand the external environment and its impact on our clients and services
  • improve our service delivery.

Examples of collaboration

Examples of our collaboration with research bodies and academic institutions include:

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with research partners on projects that:

  • promote our objectives
  • are consistent with our legal, professional and ethical obligations
  • do not have a negative impact on our clients or our staff
  • are managed appropriately and is within our capacity to contribute.

How to apply

If you would like to collaborate with us, please download the Application to collaborate with Victoria Legal Aid in a research project (docx, 176.92 KB). The form asks you to detail:

  • the purpose and benefits of your research
  • what involvement is expected from VLA
  • any risks/issues associated with the research.

Please submit the completed form to


If you have any questions about the form, please contact the Manager, Research at

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