Client satisfaction surveys

Client satisfaction surveys

2018–19 Client Satisfaction Survey

Victoria Legal Aid is conducting a client satisfaction survey from mid-January 2019. We have appointed Colmar Brunton Research, an independent research agency, to conduct the survey on our behalf.

The results will be available mid-2019.

Why we are conducting the survey

We are conducting a client survey to understand how we can improve our services. Our clients’ views are important to us and will assist us in delivering the best possible service. We want to be able to assess how we are performing and use client feedback to improve the way we deliver our services.

Victoria Legal Aid is authorised by the Legal Aid Act 1978 s. 6 to undertake research in relation to legal aid services. We are also required to report on client satisfaction outcomes as part of our Commonwealth National Partnership Agreement.

How the survey will be conducted

The survey will be conducted via telephone and email. Clients will be randomly selected from our client lists.

Colmar Brunton Research will conduct the telephone interviews. This agency is fully accredited and is legally bound to protect your client details. We will give this agency the minimum information needed to conduct the research and ensure they keep your information confidential and comply with the relevant privacy legislation at all times.

Who will be surveyed

Clients who have received legal aid services in the past financial year, will be randomly selected. These are clients who may have received a grant of legal aid, legal advice, a duty lawyer service at court or have contacted our Legal Help legal information service via telephone or website.

The survey is voluntary.

  • If contacted, you can say no to participating in the survey.
  • You can refuse to answer some questions.
  • You can end the survey at any time.
  • While we value your feedback, we want to make sure you feel comfortable participating in the survey.

Saying 'no' will not affect your relationship with Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) or any future relationship or service you may receive from VLA . In fact, we will not know who said 'yes or 'no' to participating in the survey, as survey responses are confidential and participants are de-identified. What this means is that there is no way a staff member of VLA will know who has been contacted for the survey, or what you may have said to the interviewer, without your permission.

How to check that the person who has contacted you is authorised

You can check with us that the agency that has contacted you is authorised to do so by calling VLA on 03 9269 0665 or email

How your privacy is protected:

  • Your personal information will remain confidential and will only be used for the purposes of the research.
  • Client information will be kept in a secure environment.
  • No personal client information will be disclosed in any survey reports or findings.
  • Your opinions and feedback will be totally anonymous.

Other ways to give us your feedback

You can provide feedback directly to VLA through an online form on our website.


For more information about the survey, please contact us on 03 9269 0665 or

Download our reports from previous years

You can view or download the:

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