National Legal Aid

National Legal Aid

Victoria Legal Aid is a member of National Legal Aid, which comprises of the directors of the eight state and territory legal aid commissions. The commissions work to ensure that legal aid is delivered in the most effective and efficient way possible across Australia.

National Legal Aid aims to:

  • anticipate and respond to changing legal needs
  • facilitate the provision of services to those most in need and least able to advocate for themselves
  • promote the development of innovative and effective legal aid services
  • support a national legal aid partnership between the Commonwealth, states and territories
  • collaborate with representatives of other legal assistance service providers to:
    • pursue the development of an integrated system of legal assistance services
    • address access to justice issues as efficiently and effectively as possible
  • work with representatives of non-legal service providers to facilitate a more holistic response to client issues and promote social inclusion.

As a member of National Legal Aid, Victoria Legal Aid:

  • participates in consultations on matters of national importance, including law reform submissions
  • shares resources and systems
  • enhances best practice in ways that provide value for money in the delivery of legal aid.

State and territory legal aid commissions

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