Help for people with hearing or speech difficulties

Help for people with hearing or speech difficulties

People who are deaf or have a hearing or speech impairment can contact us using the National Relay Service or Get help online with Legal Help Chat

The National Relay Service is free apart from your normal internet connection. Calls can be made by going to the National Relay Service website and entering 1300 792 387 as the number you wish to call.

Your call is answered by a relay officer. This relay officer will contact us on your behalf. If you can’t speak, the relay officer can become ‘your voice’ and read out your conversation. If you’re unable to hear, the relay officer can listen to the response from us and type it back for you to read. All calls are confidential, and relay officers must respect your privacy.

Read more information about the National Relay Service

Other services

Read about other government services for people with a disability on the Australia Government Department for Communications and the Arts website.  

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