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Fee for subsequent child protection readiness hearings

From 1 January 2021, we will be providing an appearance fee for practitioners who appear at a subsequent readiness hearing in child protection matters heard in the Children’s Court of Victoria.

The fee will be available until Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) reaches a cap of subsequent readiness hearings. This approach is necessary to carefully manage VLA’s child protection expenditure. The date the cap is reached will depend on the number of such hearings listed by the court in coming months.

Family violence panel quality audits commencing in October

From October, the Quality Audit team will be in contact with family violence panel members to support practitioners to meet their obligations as outlined in the Practice Standards.

These audits will help us ensure the best possible experience for the people we are assisting in family violence matters, as well as promote practitioners who are leading the way, delivering great services to their clients.

Magistrates’ Court of Victoria Practice Direction 17 of 2020 and our fees

The Magistrates’ Court of Victoria has recently issued Practice Direction 17 of 2020. It is aimed at progressing cases in the backlog and increasing the use of online hearings where appropriate.

Practice Direction 17 requires practitioners to take the following steps.

Practitioners should enter their appearance on Electronic Filing Appearance System (EFAS) for all summary stream criminal matters where they are acting.


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