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Our new LawGuru site

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We have updated our LawGuru website.

LawGuru is an online resource for lawyers that was originally created for our staff. It provides legal information, updates on legislation, references, forms and resources to help clients.

Access to LawGuru

Victoria Legal Aid supports community legal centre (CLC) staff and panel practitioners by providing access to LawGuru. LawGuru provides legal information, updates on legislation, references, forms and resources to help lawyers support their clients.

Clerkship programs and graduate opportunities increase diversity in the legal sector

As a part of improving our service response to the communities we work with, we're improving employment opportunities at Victoria Legal Aid for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. We offer both clerkship and graduate opportunities to law students who identify as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander to encourage greater representation in the legal sector. ​​​

E-module on the intersections of family, criminal and child protection law now available

We have recently launched a new multi-jurisdictional e-learning training module titled Intersections.

This training module is available for Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) staff, private practitioners and community legal centre employees.

Access the Intersections module.

Intersections is an interactive training module with three learning streams aimed primarily at criminal lawyers, family lawyers and child protection lawyers.

National Independent Children’s Lawyer training is now open

The National Independent Children’s Lawyer (ICL) training has been redeveloped and the new program is now open for registrations. The program has been developed by National Legal Aid in conjunction with legal aid commissions across the country.

The new program has two phases.

Phase one includes six online training modules delivered through the national ICL website, comprising lecture-style videos by national subject matter experts on various legal and social science topics of relevance to ICL work.

Guideline and billing training – Commonwealth family law and family violence protection orders

Whether you have just started legal aid work or are a seasoned panel practitioner, you are invited to attend our training sessions on guidelines and billing.  We want to make sure that you have the support and knowledge to do legally aided work.      

The training sessions will focus on:


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