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Claiming your costs

Invoicing at every billable event or stage of a matter is not only a requirement, but can save you time and effort. We often come across files where costs have not been claimed in a reasonable period. This can cause delays in assessing extensions, delays in your firm receiving payment and barristers chasing you for outstanding costs. Shelving the task of claims for costs until a matter is finalised can also result in you missing events for which you ordinarily are entitled to claim.

Increase in funding for civil law matters

On 2 April 2018 our civil law guidelines are changing to assist more Victorians facing significant legal issues. In particular, we will be able to assist more people with mental illnesses who are facing compulsory medical treatment and detention in psychiatric wards, more people who have a disability and are subject to a guardianship or administration order and more people facing eviction into homelessness. 

Working with VLA (Family Law) Induction CPD seminar for Victorian Bar members – 5 March

The purpose of the ‘Working with VLA (Family Law) Induction’ 2 CPD seminar is to highlight what is involved with legally aided family law work.

This introductory seminar designed for barristers will cover objectives, functions and briefly introduce the family law guidelines and fee structure. It will also cover Victoria Legal Aid's (VLA's) client base, expectations when taking on a VLA brief, what supports VLA can offer our practice partner barristers, and some interesting cases will be discussed.

Interim Bail Night Court funding for Victoria Legal Aid Duty Lawyer Service

As a part of the Victorian Government’s $5.5m funding announced on 22 January, Victoria Legal Aid (VLA) has been asked to provide a duty lawyer service at night in the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court.

Although the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court has been hearing bail applications at night for the last 12 months, this represents an expansion of services. The Interim Night Court is expected to commence in the coming months. Police prosecutors, Community Corrections and Court Integrated Services Program (CISP) are also funded to participate.

New streamlined process for independent children’s lawyer grant requests

As part of our commitment to working better with you, we have extended the simplified grants process to include independent children’s lawyer (ICL) matters.

From 19 February, your ICL matters will be automatically processed. There are some exceptions but the majority of your requests and claims will proceed quickly through the grants system. 

Initial grant allocation by us will continue as per the current court order process. 


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