Disagree with a child support decision

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Disagree with a child support decision

Many decisions made by Services Australia (Child Support) can now be appealed to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

The decisions must first be reviewed by a Services Australia objections officer. You must appeal within 28 days of that decision.

Ask Services Australia to review the decision

If you don’t agree with a child support decision, you can send a written objection to Services Australia explaining why you disagree with the decision.

The Child Support Guide has detailed information about how you can object, seek a review or appeal and apply to court.

Appealing to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal

The Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) is an independent tribunal that provides a two-tier system of review.

AAT first review

At the first review stage the AAT can review most objection decisions. This includes decisions about:

  • a change of assessment
  • level of care of the children
  • estimates of income
  • non-agency payments
  • extension of the 28-day time limit.

It is important that you get legal advice if you are considering appealing a decision.

AAT second review

If you disagree with a first review of the AAT on the level of care or a refusal of an extension of time, then you can appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal for a second review of that decision.

For all other first review decisions made by the Administrative Appeals Tribunal you can only appeal to a court on a question of law.

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