How we helped Monique find a home

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How we helped Monique find a home

When Monique went to a real estate office to sign papers to lease a property she’d recently secured, the agents withdrew their offer as soon as they saw her assistance dog.

Applying for a rental home when you have a disability can be a frustrating experience. Read how we helped Monique find a home. 

Monique was devastated as she’d been house-hunting for months while living out of her car. Monique needs an assistance animal for her diabetes, but had found getting a roof over her head a challenge, due to her dogs, which were often thought of as ‘pets’.

'It was pretty dark days … on the rental application they ask do you have any pets and my answer to that question is "Honestly no, I have working assistance animals", so I always say no on the forms, otherwise there is no hope of getting a shoe-in at all and that’s just the reality of it.'

Legal help to negotiate with a real estate agent

With our Equality Law Program’s help, Monique negotiated with the real estate agent to gain access to the house and informed the company about why assistance dogs can be vital to many renters. Monique’s story was later featured in The Age newspaper and she believes her work advocating on behalf of people with assistance animals will help others. '

'The more we can get (information) about discrimination and assistance animals into the media and mainstream consciousness, the better it is for people with disabilities. That’s why I talk about it, because it makes life easier for the next person. If next weekend someone is applying for a house maybe an agent will have read that in the paper and think maybe I shouldn’t discriminate against this person.'

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