Payment plans for fines

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Payment plans for fines

If you cannot pay the fine on time, ask the agency that fined you for a payment plan so that you can:

  • get more time to pay the fine
  • pay the fine off in more than one payment over time. This is called paying by instalment.

Contact the agency that sent you the fine to find out how to start a payment plan. You may need to fill out a form.

If you get a Pensioner Concession Card from Centrelink or the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, or a Centrelink Health Care Card the agency must offer you a payment plan. If not the agency can choose to offer a plan.

If the agency agrees to a payment plan, you need to stick to it. If not, there may be penalties, such as extra costs.

Managing multiple fines

If you have fines from different agencies, you may need more than one payment plan. You should discuss this with the agency that gave you the fine and Fines Victoria.

Fines Victoria is responsible for processing fines issued by various government agencies and authorities within Victoria. They are also responsible for enforcing registered court fines. Call the Fines Victoria Fines Helpline on (03) 9200 8222 or 1800 150 410 (country callers) between 8 am and 6 pm, Monday to Friday.

Get help

Find out how you can get help with fines and infringements.

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