Resources about fines and infringements

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Resources about fines and infringements

The resources on this page will help you understand:

  • fines and infringements
  • how to deal with them.

Our resources

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Resources from other organisations

  • The Fines Victoria website has information about the Victorian infringement process. You can also pay your fine through this website.
  • The free publication Parking, the law and you outlines parking laws, how to appeal parking fines, and the consequences of not paying a fine in Victoria.
  • The Youthlaw website provides information about what to do if you get a fine when you are under 18 or over 18 years of age.
  • The Cameras save lives website has information on options for dealing with speeding, red light or unregistered vehicle fine fines
  • Moonee Valley Legal Service's website Fine Fixer has information to help you understand what to do when you get a fine
  • The Law Handbook website explains how fines work, what happens if you do not pay a fine by the due date and what your options are.

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