Australian law in orientation (education kit)

Australian law in orientation (education kit)

December 2020
Australian law in orientation cover

About the education kit

Australian law in orientation is an education kit for Victorian educators, teachers and community workers teaching people who have been in Australia for less than six months, have low or no English and very basic legal literacy. We developed this resource in collaboration with AMES Australia

Download the speakers’ notes

The speakers’ notes are a guide to using each PowerPoint presentation. The speakers’ notes include

  • the purpose of each slide in the PowerPoint document
  • what to say to students or participants about each slide
  • suggested discussion questions for each slide, where relevant.

Download the Australian law in orientation – speakers' notes (docx, 7.87 MB)

Download the PowerPoint presentations

The PowerPoint presentations cover the following legal topics:

Help delivering sessions

Our Community Legal Education team is available to support you in delivering Australian law in orientation. For more information email or phone (03) 9269 0234 and ask for the Community Legal Education team.

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