Resources about personal safety and intervention orders

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Resources about personal safety and intervention orders

These resources will help you understand:

  • assault and sexual assault
  • what your rights are.

Our resources

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Resources from other organisations

Victims of Crime

The Victims Support Agency gives practical assistance to help victims recover from the effects of crime through the Victims of Crime website and helpline. This includes people who have experienced sexual assault.

They also have information about support services that can help and a list of publications and fact sheets to support victims of crime.

Centres Against Sexual Assault

The Victorian CASA website has further information to help people who have been impacted by sexual assault or abuse as adults or children.

Magistrates' Court

The Magistrates' Court has virtual tour of the courtroom and a video of what happens when you go to court for an intervention order hearing.

They also have information about personal safety orders, how to apply for them, what happens if you go to court and where you can get help.


WIRE's Stalking information booklet contains information for women being stalked, explaining the crime of stalking; the different types (including cyberstalking); what to do if you are stalked, and where to get help.

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